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Record visitors at the fifth annual European Days Mercury

For the fifth consecutive year, Mercury Marine Europe organized the annual Mercury Days.

The two-day event in the Netherlands attracted a record number of 3,000 visitors. During the event, 60 different boats were tested, including small inflatable boats, pontoon boats and fiberglass boats operated by many different Mercury engines like Four Stroke outboard Verado's high capabilities and dual DSI OptiMax diesel and dual Mercury Diesel V8-4.2 TDI engines. Many boats were equipped with the latest technology from Mercury Marine, such as Active Trim and JoystickPiloting.

There also were this year more than 20 boats on the water with the latest fishing technology, so that visitors could experience the fisherman's life with visambassadeurs Mercury as Daan Verbruggen, Chris Bloemert, Marcel and Marc Asbroek Hoeben.

Children and families from across Europe were given the chance to experience the Mercury lifestyle, both on water and on land.

We thank all visitors for their interest and look forward to the next event.




Ice skating

You can enjoy yourself on a fully-frozen ice rink made out of natural ice!