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Unique location

5De Bijland is situated nearby the junction of important rivers: Rhine, Waal and IJssel. De Bijland can easily be reached due to its open connection with the Rhine (Kilometre 864). Thanks to this unique location De Bijland is very suitable to be used as basis or stop-over for tours on the Dutch waterways. But the area is also very suitable for other forms of recreation. The Gelderse Poort for instance is an ideal area for walking, bicycle and skeeler routes. The marked routes can be started from the tourist ferry service.


Many water sport possibilities: completely renewd.

6For those who love water sports, on or around De Bijland one can perfectly enjoy oneself. The area has been renovated en rearranged during recent years. A protected yacht port basin has been constructed with up to date provisions. Especially for high speed lovers a unique high speed watercourse is available. Overnight stay is possible on the renewed and spacious recreation park De Bijland. For group arrangements a camping area has been arranged which can be booked with the recreation authority.




House rules

The visitors of our recreation areas have a maximum of liberty, however there are some house rules which are applicable for everybody.

- It is not permitted to stay overnight outside the camping area and the yacht port.
- Fishing is permitted only with a sport fishing permit; please note the stipulations on the permit.
- Barbeques are only permitted on the meadows in front of the camping ground.
- Water-ski and high speed boating is only allowed on the high speed course during daylight from April to November.
- Near the entrance of the lake and on the high speed course no surfing, swimming and sailing with sailing boats, rowing boats, water- bicycles, etc. is allowed.
- Park bicycles in the bicycle-shed and cars on the car park in order not to disturb your fellow-guests and neighbours of De Bijland.
- Dogs are not allowed on the part of the recreation area marked as such from April to October.
- Diving is only permitted from the floating platforms.
- No horses in the recreation area.
- Please note the information boards.
- Avoid inconvenient noise.
- Please keep the area clean…!


Yacht port de Bijland

In the yacht port De Bijland you will find high level provisions with many facilities. The spacious berthing places are all provided with water- and electricity connections. A trailer slip-way ensures the easily taking out of the water of your boat up to 45 tons. This trailer slipway gives amongst others the possibility to easily reach the unique water course on which high speed boating is allowed .

On shore 2.000 square metres of covered boat parking is available. Several repairs and for instance the installation of bow-thrusters are possible and your boat can be high pressure cleaned in an environment save way.

The yacht port has a cosy en modern café-restaurant. You are welcome to have a good meal and to enjoy the magnificent overview of De Bijland from the terrace.

New in the Yacht port are the various floating holiday bungalows. These luxury and spacious bungalows are comfortable en completely equipped for the stay of 2-4 or 4-7 persons. Apart from the main room with kitchen corner the bungalows have 1 to 3 bedrooms, bathrooms with shower and a sun terrace with mooring possibilities for your boat.


Reacreation park de Bijland

The recently laid out Recrecreation park De Bijland is a well equipped camping with many facilities. Spacious camping locations are offered here, varying from 130 to 190 square metres for year contracts. The tourist short term hiring locations have a surface of 80 square metres.
The locations are provided with all possible connecting points such as electricity, water, sewage, central antenna, gas and telephone and the locations are surrounded with large open areas for your privacy. The park also has been equipped with a number of hiker huts.

The recreation park is situated near the water with a beach and play meadows. Here is also a pier with mooring possibilities for your boat. On the park itself one can we active as well; there is a tennis court en several sport- and play attributes have been installed.

Furthermore there is a reception office, a launderette and a supermarket on the park. There are ample sanitary provisions (partly with floor heating). In the spacious recreation hall, equipped with an excellent kitchen where you can enjoy your meal or drink in a cosy atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful view over the whole Bijland lake.